Hope Gonano
CFA Candidate for Persian Breed Council Secretary

Dear Breed Council Members:

My name is Hope, and like my name, I am positive and optimistic that our Persian Breed Council is always striving to improve the Persian Breed, while preserving its standards. I have lived and felt every emotion that comes with breeding Persians; the highs, the lows, the failures, the heartfelt losses. I do understand the importance of preserving our breed to the fullest extent.

I have been breeding and showing Persians for twenty-five years, including this past season, achieving many titles and awards over the years. I am an Allbreed Judge and represent this honor by judging every breed in CFA with integrity, honesty and respect each cat deserves, just as I vow to represent the Persian Breed Council. My position as Judge in CFA, allows me endless opportunities to observe and discuss issues needing attention. I am the most qualified to advise, promote and communicate with the CFA Board of Directors.

I promise to listen, to regard each suggestion or issue as a valid one, and to respect everyone's views with fairness and impartiality. I will represent each and every member, each and every responsibility with my knowledge, enthusiasm and passion to conserve the elegance, beauty and health of our Persians, which we have maintained and refined for over one hundred years and will continue to do so for at least another hundred years :-).

Along with bringing a fresh new prospective regarding the existence of our breed council, my intentions would be to uphold the Persian Breed Standard as written for CFA, which remains the template for many associations around the world.

I hope I have impressed you that I have the experience, competence, expertise and certainly desire, to earn your vote for Breed Council Secretary.

Hope Gonano
CFA Candidate for Persian Breed Council Secretary


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